The Boys In The Band

This isn’t a music blog but, in order for you guys to get to know my anonymous self as much as possible I figured I should share a few more details about myself. So here we go, fact number one: I’ve always had a soft spot for musicians and it’s not just because of their pretty faces.

Blur: Classic example of cute boys in bands.

It’s the way that many of these guys manage to or appear to bare their souls with intricately woven lyrics, notes, beats and chords. There’s something about a simple song that speaks so directly to me and can calm me in an instant. I regularly suffer from social anxiety and depression (despite how confident I may sometimes seem in my stories and posts) and when I’m stuck in that place, that inescapable hole of fear, self loathing and nervousness, the one thing I know I can always escape to is and album played all the way through. All I have to do is plug my headphones in and soar away through the hypnotising melodies that are the best distraction from my misery. It’s like some how the worry is washed away. As if a flood of good energy drags away the bad and I’m finally left with a small amount of peace in my mind. Clear, pure and happy.

Every moment in my life has a soundtrack, the good ones and the bad. The week after I swiped my v-card I couldn’t listen to a single song containing any themes even remotely romantic – you’d be surprised how few songs out there have absolutely nothing to do with love.

When I first hooked up with Peter Pan, I was so conflicted that I found myself in a haze of The Cure – the happiest sad music around.

When I walk down the street, loving ever inch of myself, all I hear is The La’s.

The music has worked it’s way in to my love life too. I just can’t help but fancy the guy who has so much confidence as to front a band, or the drummer at the back who is never quite noticed despite his gorgeous face and quite frankly stunning arms. Northern boy was a guitar player and songwriter – our soundtrack was the entire debut album by The Stone Roses. Peter Pan did a really good Morrissey impression. Drummer Boy made me see the genius of the Mystery Jets. And then there was that one time I slept with a synth player… but that’s a story for another day.

What can I say, musicians are my guilty pleasure.

Aside from the genius of the music and the amazing effect it has on my life and mind it obviously doesn’t hurt either when the lead singer just happens to be a total dream boat too. So I thought I should probably run through a list of my favourite boys in the band, High Fidelity style. Thus, I present to you my darling readers, my (ever changing) TOP 5:

Damon Albarn and Blur:


Although many would probably say that Liam Gallagher is in their top 5 frontmen, I’m going to vote for his ’90s rival, the stunner that is Damon Albarn.

Who wouldn’t love his cockney charm? Those lyrics? The way he can make a Harrington sexy and even make you fall in love with him all the while dressed like a character straight out of A Clockwork Orange.

And let’s be honest – everything about THAT FACE is just *sigh*:

Ian Brown and The Stone Roses:


Being born in the early 90s, The Stone Roses’ seminal debut album was always there in the background, classics like Waterfall and She Bangs The Drums being played everywhere without me really ever knowing who it was. And then I got to uni and finally found out who had created all of that amazing music.

The Roses have got me through some seriously tough times and Ian Brown’s lyrics in many ways ring true to how I have felt during the last few years. Euphoric at times, but also completely in love, in lust, hurt, betrayed, rejected, powerful and most importantly, free.

His swagger, those words, Reni’s bass, Mani’s Drums and John Squire’s ridiculously stunning guitar solos, have all gone on to influence a generation of bands that followed.

Plus back in ’89 Ian Brown was completely gorgeous.



Because they are just all so gorgeous, talented sweethearts and it breaks my heart that they are no longer together.

The first ever gig I paid to go and see was at the Roundhouse in London during the tour for their first Album “Colour It In”. It was an instant 2007 indie classic, and I had loved them since I’d first heard Latchmere on MySpace (Yes, those were the days. Yes I had an emo fringe). It was the most exhilarating evening of my life and not only because I got trampled during my first experience in a mosh pit.

Live gigs were everything I could have hoped for and more. And all the cute boys. SO MANY CUTE BOYS. However in my 16 year old’s eyes (and let’s be honest – still now), none could ever compare to lead singer Orlando.

Jamie T:


I have so much time for Jamie T. Not only does he perfectly describe teenage life in London but he manages to add humour and clever lyrics to the most depressing of situations. By far the least known musician on this list, in my mind his music should be everywhere. His first album “Panic Prevention” dealt directly with his anxiety and mental health, something which many of us can relate to on a certain level.

Hi music defined my time in the big apple and accompanied me on many at walk home at dawn after big nights out.

Morrissey and The Smiths:


Morrissey is an interesting choice, I know, but who else could really give so much to shitty life situations and tell it like it is. He is the king of the morose soundtrack and sometimes that’s exactly what I need in life; someone to vocalise how shit anxiety is and how much sometimes all you want to do is spend the day in bed and be anti social.

Plus those eyebrows. That voice. So. Damn. Awkward. What’s not to love?

So there you have it, my ever changing “Top 5”  list of my favourite boys in the band and exactly what they mean to me.

And on that note, from now on, each of my posts will come with a soundtrack, to truly help you see in to my mind.

Thank you for the music.

If you’re interested in further pictures of cute band boys then you should probably check out my Pinterest here.


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    Keep up the good work on your blog.



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